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Hi, my name is Pixi but my friends call me Pixi lol I live in Beautiful Quebec, Canada with d hubby and 6 furbabies, 4 pups and 2 kitties. I enjoy life and love meeting new people as long as there's no drama bullshit, it's all good. Piss me off, not good. I take a lot before I blow out, when I do, Its big and then I'm over it. If you're a player, liar or anti Quebec-Canadian, then get the hell out of my profile cause I hate that shit. I'm honest, outspoken, blunt, outgoing and friendly. I swear a lot, but I'm polite and cool, even under pressure I've written a bunch more about me here on my page, but it's hidden, only for my crazy friends to see. Quality is better than quantity..Friend is a title that a person should earn. that's about it! btw I swear i'm not crazy just a little unwell *wink* Bisous Pixi
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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- REST IN PEACE MICHAEL RIP Michael Jackson, a musical genius, he will truely be missed. May he now find the peace, he never seemed to find in life.

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